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Supernatural Fanfiction: Masterlist

A/N: All my stories are gen. Nothing but brotherly love here.


: "What were the chances that this flash neighbourhood had both a werewolf problem and a mutant squid-thing that liked to hang out in family swimming pools?" Hurt Sam and To-The-Rescue Dean. Some swearing.

Stay With Me:  Sam moves forward, opens his mouth to ask what the hell is going on but is suddenly floored when his gaze travels downwards to what Dean's couching over. Sam can't breath for a moment. This can't be right.

Under My Wheels: Dean teaches Sam to drive. He just wishes the circumstances were different...

No Miracles in Hell: Sam carries the cold inside him now. Dean's trying to pick up the pieces.

Hell Before the Flames: You should always watch your step when hunting around old mines. Splitting up probably wasn't the best idea either.

The Prophet Looked and He Laughed at Me: It starts with music and goes downhill from there. There's something wrong in Sam's head.

Two Minutes to Midnight: AU from All Hell Breaks Loose. The crossroad demon isn't quite so generous. Warning: Death fic.

Ash: You never hear whether or not Sam woke up at all, even briefly, before leaving the hospital. What if he had? Alone, freaked out, maybe with Lucifer to keep him company...

The Devil Made Me Do It: "You cannot be in that crater back there. I can't… If you're gone, I swear I am gonna strap my Beautiful Mind brother into the car and I'm gonna drive us off the pier."

Nothing Says I Love You Like a Stupid Hat: Summary: Dean's not sure whether it's the miserable look that Sam wears everyday or the thick scar dotted with smaller marks from a dozen staples that can't be hidden by the stubble of the kid's shaved hair that gives him the idea. All he knows is that he can't stand looking at either of them and something needs to be done about it.

Untitled: Prompt: Apocalyptic curtain!fic AU (is that a thing? If it's not, it is now). Sam and Dean survive whatever apocalypse you feel like throwing at them. [...] And then Sam gets sick. Really sick. And sure, there's a doctor or nurse or someone who was some kind of medical professional back before everything went to hell, but there's only so much he or she can do without proper facilities and equipment.

Till I Have Wrest and Wrecked You: He understands that they thought he wasn't human. What he can't wrap his head around is the possibility that they might have been right. Sequel to Sammy in Captivity

Wisdom: Sam gets his wisdom teeth out and there's teasing.

Mistakes and Misery: After John's death, Dean makes the mistake of rushing into a hunt and Sam pays the price.

Small Victories: They're in the middle of freaking no where when Sam goes bat shit insane.

Love and War: Dean does his best to look after Sam in the wake of Jessica's death.

I Hate This Song: Sam Winchester was ready to die.

Something to Sink My Teeth Into: The bites are viscous, jagged ovals that ooze blood and, a few of them, pus, ringed with deep purple bruises and the bright red flare of infection.

The Long Way Down: Sam falls off a cliff and that might not be the worst part.

Genesis: Today is a bad day. Good thing Sam has Dean to help him through it. Post-Cage AU.

Because the Beyond Called: Dean is a large, dark blur wavering above Sam's face, identifiable only by the smell of gun oil and leather and the fact that he's here while Sam's feeling like death.

An Alternative to Self-Harm: It's the first time Sam's been sick since escaping the cage and he's not handling it very well. (Loose sequel to Genesis.)

If It Wasn't For Bad Luck: Someone was going to die for this. Dean didn't know anything else at that moment but of that much he was certain. Someone was going to pay. HurtSam, BigBroDean

People Call Me The Monster:  Sometimes, when Sam can't sleep, he googles Stockholm Syndrome and wonders if it's that or whether Lucifer was just right, that they're two halves of a whole, made for each other, only complete when they're together.

Deflowering: Being a virgin sucks, and not just because Sam isn't getting any.

Lightning: Sammy doesn't make sense. That's just a fact of life, like the sky is blue and witches are gross.

Tree Hugger: Sam listens to the trees.

Red and White: Sam versus a bear trap.


Whiskey: The first, and last, time that John Winchester hits Sam.

Whiskey, Alt. Ending: Dean doesn't show up and John doesn't back down.

Whiskey, Alt. Ending's Ending: Now Dean shows up.

Hangover: 'Dean, look, I know things... got out of hand last night. I'm sorry. Tell Sam I'm sorry. Just... call me back when you get this. Tell me when you're coming home.'

These Broken Shards: “What if Dad is here? He'd know that we'd come.”

Whiskey, read by Eos Rose


Warriors: Warrior: a person engaged in some struggle or conflict. (Sam's really sick and Dean's really awesome.)

Two Roads Diverged in a Wood: Tag to Warriors, set earlier. Sam's still reeling from his diagnosis and right now he just needs a moment to think.

The Way It Tears Me Up Inside: Nights like this are the worst. SickSam&BigBrotherDean (Warrior's 'verse)

Schrodinger's Sam: Dean still feels as though he's all that stands between Sammy and death.

Only The Dead: Sam is all sharp cheekbones, sunken eyes and stretched-tight skin. Dean can circle his wrist with thumb and forefinger with far too much room to spare. Hell, Dean could probably clasp his whole hand around Sam's bicep and feel his fingers meet.


The Stars Go Waltzing: Epilepsy sucks. Dean is awesome.

Life in the Fast Lane: Sam spends his sixteenth birthday sleeping off a seizure that leaves him with a concussion and a mean black eye.

I've Been Prayin', But Seems Like Ain't Nobody There: Sam just wants to play soccer. John and Dean don't think it's a good idea.

A Dawn or a Dusk: There's a monster looking out of Dad's eyes.

If the Moon Smiled (She Would Resemble You): Sam has a seizure, Dean comes to visit, Jess is an awesome girlfriend, and for some strange reason, this story didn't turn out as depressing as most of my others. Epileptic!Sam 'verse

Before Tomorrow: Dad's missing, November 2nd is approaching, and now Jess is calling saying that there's something up with Sam. Dean heads to Palo Alto to try to figure out what's going on. EpilepticSam 'verse.

Nothing But Ashes: Dean knows the second he picks up the phone. EpilepticSam 'verse.

A Close Relationship with Carpet Fibres: Sam wakes up on the floor. Epilepsy 'verse.


Drawing a Blank: It made Gloria sad to see anyone alone in this place, and the patient in room 416 reminded her a little of her youngest son. Outsider POV

If You Ever Need Help: The card read, 'If you ever need help.' Gloria though that, yes, she might need some help. Outsider POV. Sequel to Drawing a Blank

Fractured: Sam recovers a head injury. Dean looks after him. Simple hurt/comfort. Part of the Gloria 'verse.


The Missing: "Sam wonders if Chet kept the others this long and if they wished for death, too. He thinks that if he could talk to Dean maybe he'd tell him that he's already too late." Please read warnings carefully.

The First Week: Being found doesn't necessarily mean you're not still lost. Sequel to The Missing.

The Rest: Dean tries, he really, really does and Sam knows this and loves his brother for it, but every time he catches Dean looking at him with relief in his eyes, he also hates him a bit. Continuation of The Missing and The First Week.


Stale Beer and Cigarette Smoke: Sam finds himself in a spot of bother at a bar. Sensitive themes.

The Alleyway: Sequel to Stale Beer and Cigarette Smoke. Sam's not okay, and he doesn't even know why.

Definitions of the Word Fine: Sequel to The Alleyway. Dean thinks Sam needs to talk. Sam says he's fine.


Non Timebo Mala: Waking up tied to a bed is never a good thing, as Sam is about to find out. Where the heck is Dean?

Other People Stop Looking: "People don't just disappear, Dean. Other people just stop looking."

Fade: Sam's sick, Dean's panicking and everything's about to go to hell. Sam needs a whole new life, one where his last name isn't Winchester because Winchesters are cursed.

Time: Tag to my story Fade. Sam has an uncomfortable encounter with a waitress.

Fine: Tag to my story Fade. "I'm not sick anymore. Stop treating me like I am!"

There's No Such Thing as Monsters: Sam is definitely not schizophrenic. So why is everyone telling him that he is?

The Wrong Side of Eternity: "So...what? Sleepwalking, teleportation, wormhole in the motel room?"

Sammy in Captivity: Jason watches as the Keeper's bring in the new kid. Outsider POV. Podfic by Sylvia Locust

Stalk Watch: Dean is in full-blown panic mode by the time he finishes the four hour drive to Palo Alto. Sam hasn't answered any of his dozen phone calls with anything other than one cryptic text message. Quit calling. You won't believe it 'til you see it.

Nobody's Home: All he knows is that he has to get away. (Cursed/amnesiac!Sam)

Out of Time: In which a thirteen year old Sam finds himself in a strange bunker with a fever of what feels like a million degrees and a stranger claiming to be his brother. Set during the Trials.

Take Me in Your Arms: The first night, Meg parties like there's no tomorrow, which, Sam assures her, there won't be, because Dean is going to hunt her down and send her straight back to Hell where she belongs. AU of Born Under a Bad Sign.


God Help Me: AU tag to Swan Song. God has never given Dean one single damned thing that he asked for. Except this.

God Help Us: Sequel to God Help Me. Sammy grows up, and God gives him something too.

And All The World Drops Dead: Prompt: Gen. Season 2. Gordon does more than just try and blow Sam to bits and pieces and he's a more formidable foe than even Dean realized. Much h/c with tied!up Dean trying desperately to save Sam. Warning: Non-con

And Arbitrary Blackness Gallops In: The first few days after the basement are rough. Sequel to And All The World Drops Dead.

I Shut My Eyes: It's been a month now, almost exactly, ribs mostly healed and staples and stitches removed...

Work in Progress: Two guys think they can make fun of Sam. Dean disagrees. Tag to my story And All the World Drops Dead.

When Spring Comes They Roar Back Again: “I don't think it's about fixing. I think it's more about coping.” A girl, a bar, some scars, and some awkward conversation. A tag to And All the World Drops Dead

Phantom: “It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.”
                              ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

Sensation: Life goes on. Sequel to Phantom.

Anywhere Else But Here: Dean loses a game of pool against the wrong guy.

Things We Couldn't Change: Sam is angry (and kind of traumatized). Dean is worried (and concussed). Neither of them knows what to do now. Sequel to Anywhere Else But Here.
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